Divine Chocolate understands the importance of academic research, but as a business we cannot accommodate the needs of all the many students who wishes to visit our offices or Kuapa Kokoo. Student requests take up a considerable amount of our time and resources, and as a farmer-owned and farmer-focused business, our priorities must lie with the people who grow our cocoa beans.

All requests to visit Divine or Kuapa Kokoo must be submitted via our formal application process. Where requests are granted, we need to schedule visits alongside other events at Kuapa, such as peak harvesting periods, and so students may need to be flexible in planning their research timetable. We would therefore strongly advise students not to base their research on the assumption that they will be able to gain access to Divine or Kuapa Kokoo. In particular, it is not acceptable for students to travel to Ghana without obtaining prior permission to visit Kuapa Kokoo. This creates substantial inconvenience for Kuapa staff and is likely to create a bias against your application.