Divine Chocolate is very pleased to be a certified B Corp, so you will see us using the B Corp logo on our packaging, and "Bthechange" motto on more of our communication.

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What is a B Corp?

Fairtrade, Utz, and Rainforest Alliance are all certifications that deliver assurances about the provenance of products.  Up till now there has been no similar certification that sets standards for a whole company and the way it operates.  

B Corporation, which was first established in USA in 2006, set out to address this, with a framework which enables companies to be compared with each other, and at the same time helps the companies themselves focus on where improvements are needed.  

Companies are rated in a number of areas including governance, environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and labour practices.  If the companies score over a specific minimum they can be certified as B Corp, and their ratings are publicly available to view. 

These ratings are then reviewed every two years. 

Why did Divine decide to apply for B Corp certification?

Divine is driven by our mission to deliver sustainable remuneration and empowerment to the cocoa farmers on whom chocolate manufacture depends.  

We remain 100% committed to our role as a Fairtrade pioneer and leader, and to championing social enterprise.  We are also committed to ‘doing business differently’ and, by setting an example, to catalysing change throughout the business world.  

Although the internet is now giving consumers access to more information about the companies they are buying from, it is still very difficult to assess how effective companies are being in reality in meeting their responsibilities, or delivering their claims.  

The B-Company certification is a significant step towards creating increased transparency, allowing the public to compare one company with another, and creating a framework to help all companies work towards clear goals throughout their businesses.  

We think this is a compelling reason to become a B-Company, and we are very pleased to join a network of companies striving to meet high standards all around the world, standards which are also aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The B Corp network

There are now  2,000 B-Companies worldwide.  Some of the names we know well are PatagoniaTriodos Bank, Ecover, Alter Eco, Elvis & Kresse, Cabots Creamery, New Belgium Brewery and Ben & Jerry’s.

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