It's election time - and smallholder cocoa farmers from all over Ghana gather to vote for their new Executive
This Fairtrade Fortnight we are welcoming two Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers, Linda Berchie and Victoria Boakyewaa to the UK for the first time.
A roundup of Fairtrade events happening across the UK
"Not a single 8-9 year old could read a 3-letter word." Donate to support Trading Vision's Literacy project
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As a Schwab Social Enterpreneur of the Year, Divine CEO Sophi Tranchell was invited to join the world leading policy makers, academics, and business people at the World Economic Forum at Davos this year
This weekend Divine Chocolate CEO Sophi will go to the World Economic Forum in Davos
When Justin Bieber penned his Christmas hit I bet he didn’t spare a thought for the cocoa farmers.