Meet Sampson, elected National Executive Committee member for Kuapa Kokoo, longstanding co-op member and lifelong football fan of the Ghana Premiership Football Team, Hearts of Oak - currently ranked joint 1st in the Ghana Premier League table.
Meet the Glasgow based co-operative that make Fairtrade balls and are campaigning tirelessly to change the nature of the game.
I was delighted to be invited to write the foreword for Oxfam’s latest report Ripe For Change which focuses on the role the supermarkets play in our food supply chain and spotlights their responsibility to ensure that the producers they are buying from are paid fairly, enjoy good labour and safety standards, and equal opportunities for women. I wrote why this is important and to applaud Oxfam for their continuing focus and pressure on big business to be responsible and sustainable. This is what I wrote…
There's nothing more perfect than a long sunny day, a basket full of your favourite snacks and bounds of nature and wildlife around you to observe.
Meet Mary Appiah, mother of 5, skilled cocoa farmer and Treasurer of Kuapa Kokoo's National Executive Council
Meet Mary Naah, mother of 9, skilled cocoa farmer and treasurer of Tanokrom's gender group
"To me, empowerment is about supporting and encouraging others to reach their full potential...."
From chocolate sampling at the Shard, chocolate workshops to hearing Sophi Tranchell speak at WOW, it's going to be a busy Fairtrade Fortnight.