Both Divine and Cafédirect are Fairtrade, as well as both being BCorp’s which ensures they maintain the highest ethical standards. They work directly with farmers to ensure the highest quality of products, as well as ensuring the farmers benefit directly from the work they do. So you can enjoy your cup of coffee and sweet treat, knowing your purchases empower farmers across the world to improve their livelihoods.
Both Divine and Cafédirect have new organic ranges and to mark this Cafédirect's coffee expert has paired them accordingly to give you the ultimate taste experience.
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Peruvian Reserve – 85% Dark with Turmeric and ginger

Organic 85% Dark Chocolate with Turmeric & Ginger - 80g

The gentle notes of sweet milk chocolate and hazelnut in the Peruvian Reserve coffee are brought to life perfectly with the delicate, aromatic spices in the Rich Dark Chocolate with Turmeric & Ginger

Origins Blend – 85% Dark with Blueberry and Popped Quinoa

Organic 85% Dark Chocolate with Quinoa & Blueberry - 80g

The bright fruity blueberry in this chocolate bar match perfectly with the sweet toffee and walnut notes in the coffee while the quinoa adds some wonderful texture to the mix

Espresso Blend – 85% Dark with Refreshing Lemon

Organic 85% Dark Chocolate with Lemon - 80g

The sharp, citric lemon cuts perfectly through the intense flavour of the very rich, 85% Cocoa in this chocolate bar and the notes of burnt sugar in the coffee

The story behind the products:

Organic partners map

São Tomé

São Tomé, and its sister island Príncipe, were once the biggest producers of cocoa in the world – but over the last half century cocoa farming there collapsed.  Today, the farmers of São Tomé are working to regenerate the country’s reputation, but this time with a focus on quality cocoa rather than just quantity.

Now São Tomé is producing and selling a superior crop of beans, much of which is certified both organic and Fairtrade, commanding a premium on world markets.  Farmers have organised themselves into co-operatives and have developed a shared pride in the excellence of the cocoa they grow.

Spending time with the members of the CECAQ-11 co-operative we saw and heard evidence of this pride every day. Cocoa growing, especially on the steep slopes of the island, is a labour intensive affair, but these farmers can see the benefit of being more meticulous and skilled in how they manage their farms. They have been trained in better pruning methods, in shade management (cocoa grows best in the humid shade of the rainforest canopy), and in grafting seedlings to combine quality with higher productivity.

The farmers are developing their own improved version of amelonado, a sub-species of forastero, that delivers a distinctive depth of flavour with woody, spicy notes. Their care with harvesting, natural fermenting and drying ensure they are extracting the best from their beans, while the new techniques they are learning will help with the increased productivity they urgently need to meet demand, and grow their income.


Welcome to beautiful Peru, where the Chirinos district has about 50,000 inhabitants. The district has a long history in coffee farming and on February 8th 1968, the Chirinos co-operative was born. The co-op consisted of only 20 producers back then, but it’s been nearly 50 years since and the group now boasts up to 815 members of which 193 are women.

The co-operative is focussed on producing Fairtrade, 100% organic coffee. In doing so, the team at the co-op is always trying to improve their knowledge about best practice farming techniques, so they can achieve better coffee yields every year. The Chirinos co-op is also part of the Centre of Excellence by the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation, which allows the farmers to teach their best practices on to other farmers, thus increasing organic coffees for the whole region.


If you would like to try some of the quality coffee and chocolate, then get your Cafédirect coffee and Divine chocolate now and enjoy a feel good combination!


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