Divine organic chocolate


The Divine Organic range is made with cocoa from São Tomé, a beautiful forest covered volcanic island that sits right on the Equator, off the west coast of Africa. It was the first African country to grow cocoa and in 1913 it was the biggest producer in the world which earned it the title of "Chocolate Island". Today the farming communities in São Tomé are working hard to revive their cocoa industry.

CECAQ-11 co-operative, established in 2009 with 11 villages, is now flourishing and has grown to include 20 cocoa farming communities. The co-op is both Fairtrade and Organic certified and its farmers are all trained to tend their trees and to carefully ferment and dry their beans in the sun to produce their excellent and distictive cocoa.

Divine is offering one lucky Ecotricity customer the chance to win a year’s supply of the new organic range, and three lucky runners up the chance to win a set of the whole range.


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