We are delighted to introduce you to Erik & Gloria the winners of the competition we launched last year to find two new chocolateers.

David teaching Erik and Gloria design techniques

Some of the treats created by Erik and Gloria during training

Erik and Gloria practising their presentations to me, Charlotte, Tal and David

When we set up the competition last year we were looking for two special people to grow our team of chocolate experts and act as Divine ambassadors at events and chocolate shows. We really wanted to find two people with great personalities and a real passion for food, flavours and most importantly chocolate.

Erik and Gloria really shined throughout the process both showing a real enthusiasm for both chocolate and Divine, making then a clear choice as our winners. Since then they have been trained by our chocolate expert David Greenwood-Haigh who has worked with Divine for 8 years and are now ready to offer Divine chocolate demos and workshops.

You can come and meet them on Saturday 19th October at the world-famous Salon Du Chocolat show at Olympia on the Divine Chocolate stand (which is on the corner of Sweets Avenue and Truffle Street). They will be talking all about their experience in the competition and will have some home-made chocolate treats to give away. 

If you would like to book Erik or Gloria for a chocolate workshop or tasting session email chocolateers@divinechocolate.com  and follow them on twitter @divinechocteers


Meet Erik

Erik has taught drama and music in secondary schools for over ten years; however he’s had a passion for food for many years.

“It was my wife who saw the advertisement in the Waitrose Weekend newspaper, she said the combination of my love of food and my background in education seemed perfect for what they were looking for.  

I'm incredibly enthusiastic about working with Divine, communicating with others and sharing my love of food is something that I can really get excited about. I have a lot of respect for what Divine has done so far for the Fairtrade movement, whilst also creating a brilliant product.”


Meet Gloria

Gloria is a part time lecturer and sells homemade treats and macaroons at monthly farmers markets.

“I’ve always loved food, so when I saw the competition I thought it would be a bit of an adventure. The idea of doing something different and special really excited me.

Divine is such a unique and wonderful chocolate company and I’ve learnt so much about them which I think everyone should know!  It really is an interactive and engaging journey which reminds you of the good work that’s being done through social enterprise”

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