Divine Chocolate has brought hope, joy, inspiration and delicious life-affirming chocolate to many people across the world - and it exists because one person showed the courage, imagination, chutzpah and sheer bloody-mindedness to stand tall when it would have been easier to duck. That person was Robin Murray.

There is, of course, a long backstory. Suffice to say there was a moment when the fledgling organisation was in crisis. The idea was good, but the money was not in place.

Debts were mounting and the question was whether we could continue. Most of us had doubts; Robin had none.

This was not about money, he insisted. This was an idea whose time had come. This was about people and people, in Robin’s eyes, were infinitely more important than money.

And so, after a round of fretful meetings, we went ahead. Divine grew and prospered and became the global inspiration we see today.

We tend to forget the bad times, but I never have - because a bad time with Robin was never really bad time. He had that extraordinary ability to make light of a crisis, and to smile in the face of danger. He was a visionary who loved detail, a patrician who loved people.

It was a delight to know him and a privilege to work with him. Nothing gives me greater joy than to know that all that Divine has come to be might never have happened had not Robin, at the key moment been - well, been Robin.

I will miss him more than words can say.

Sandy Balfour

Chair, Divine Chocolate, 1998-2010

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