Meet Sampson, elected National Executive Committee member for Kuapa Kokoo, longstanding co-op member and lifelong football fan of the Ghana Premiership Football Team, Hearts of Oak - currently ranked joint 1st in the Ghana Premier League table.

Sampson Cobina is an elected Kuapa Kokoo National Executive Committee member representing Western South, he is 57 years old.

He comes from Ankosia and is District President of Wassa Akropong.

His district is the 4th most productive in terms of the amount of cocoa that they deliver, 31,219 (64kilo) bags in 2013/14.  

He has 3 farms of 8, 4 and 5 acres.  Sampson often performs better than average in the production of his cocoa crop and puts it down to pruning and spraying without fertilizers. He has used the income from cocoa to pay school fees. He also grows plantain and cassava but not maize as it is not compatible with the cocoa seedlings.

He joined Kuapa in 2003 as he was aware that they had good incentives like bonuses and machetes but also that there was good training and education and very good agricultural officers.

Sampson is a keen football fan. He likes listening to the football matches on the radio and supports the Premier League football team Hearts of Oak (the Accra team). Hearts of Oak have the formidable slogan of “Never say die till the bones are rotten.” 



Hearts of Oak - Ghana Premier League 2016

In 1979 he was playing football at a professional level as part of the cocoa plantation project. As a young man he worked hard chopping down fir trees with an axe and now he is praised for his hard work in his district.

He was elected on to the NEC in August 2014 as people appreciated his strength, resiliance and determination.


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