Saturday 11th May marks World Fairtrade Day!

Hosted by the World Fairtrade Organisation, the day celebrates the successes of the Fairtrade organisations and all the workers involved throughout the supply chain.

It also raises awareness of the issues small scale producers face surrounding poverty, gender inequality, exploitation and environmental impact.

The theme for 2019 is “Innovation” which will highlight the ways in which organisations challenge gender norms, upcycle waste, distribute profits and design beautiful products.

Innovation is present in everything Divine does.  We have a unique business model where 44% of our company is owned by the farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative who voted to set up their own chocolate company in 1998. Divine invests in initiatives to empower women, including literacy programs to build better communities and grow better quality cocoa. We are constantly improving our practices and products and even created an exciting new flavour to celebrate Divine’s 20th birthday.

Every year the WFTO and its 450 member organisations in over 70 countries take part in events and festivals that aim to empower workers and small-scale farmers of produce who often work in unbearable conditions for very little pay.

Chocolate, bananas, coffee, flowers and cotton make up the increasing number of Fairtrade products used in everyday life. The WFTO continuously strives to achieve a fair and sustainable global economy for workers in the most vulnerable communities. Take a look at the infographic below which shows how Kuapa Kokoo farmers benefit from Divine and Fairtrade incomes streams.

Join us and many other organisations in celebrating World Fairtrade Day using some of the suggestions below:

  • Swap out normal products in your shopping for Fairtrade options
  • Ask your favourite local shop to stock from Fairtrade suppliers
  • Host a Bake Sale using some of our delicious recipes
  • Gift Fairtrade products to friends and family
  • Bring Fairtrade snacks into the office
  • Host a competition with a Fairtrade prize bundle

Don’t forget to share your experience on social media using the tags #FairTradeInnovates #TradeFairLiveFair @Divinechocolate

Four income streams diagram

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