Alan Coxon
Alan Coxon “The Food Archaeologist ™” has established a reputation as one of the world’s favourite TV chefs and presenters. He has worked in several Michelin star restaurants, and as head chef, opened the largest 4 star hotel in Europe. He has written three cookbooks, developed a multi award winning historic food range and has made numerous radio, magazine and live appearances.

Alan Coxon's posts

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Ganache
The combination of dark chocolate and tart juicy raspberries is a match made in heaven. Created for Divine by chef Alan Coxon.
Alan Coxon's Divine Chocolate Fondant
A rich dark chocolate pudding developed for Divine by Alan Coxon.
Chocolate Pudding with Hot Cherry Sauce
The combination of smooth chilled chocolate melting under the warm fruity cherry sauce is a wonderful mouth sensation of both textures and temperatures. Created for Divine by Alan Coxon.
Alan Coxon's Divine Chestnut Slice
This is an incredibly rich dessert; you’ll only need a sliver! Serve with cream or crème fraiche and tart berries.
Divine Afternoon Tea Fancies
Time for tea! With this lovely individual tea fancies created specially for Divine by chef Alan Coxon.