Gloria Lilley
One of our Divine Chocolateers Gloria is a part time lecturer and sells homemade treats and macaroons at monthly farmers markets.

Gloria Lilley's posts

Adinkra Chocolate Shortbread
These chocolate shortbreads created by our Chocolateer Gloria Lilley are dipped in Divine Orange Milk Chocolate and have been decorated with the Denkyem symbol. You can choose your favourite Adinkra symbols from our guide.
mango macaroons
Inspired by Divine's new flavoured bars, Gloria has created this recipe for Coconut & Mango Macaroons.
Bucaneers Shortbread
Taking inspiration from Divine's new flavoured bar, Gloria has created The Millionaire’s more adventurous cousin which has a richer and crumblier base thanks to that extra hit of flavour and texture- the coconut.
I recently discovered Sally Fordy's wonderfully crumbly shortbread biscuits using Steenbergs Organic Cinnamon. I was so blown away by how light and moreish they were that I asked her for the recipe.
Divine Chocolateer Gloria Lilley takes inspiration from our Toffee & Sea Salt bar this pancake day.
vegan chocolate
Inspired by the Divine Coconut and Mango bars, this ganache is given a twist by using coconut water instead of traditional cream- you can also use water. It is just as rich and delicious as it's creamy sister and was a hit at the Divine Pop Up at Monmouth Street 2014. Try this recipe with other juices such as pineapple, orange or others that take your fancy. Recipe adapted from Red Online food recipes.
chocolate raspberry tart
Ok, so it’s not quite summer yet but the lighter days and sunshine has inspired this update on a classic raspberry tart.
Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Brigadeiros
Get in the Brazilian party spirit and celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics with these fun sized Chocolate and Vanilla Brigadeiros, a Brazilian delicacy which are typically served at parties.
Spider cake
This rich, chocolatey cake is perfect for feeding a crowd this Halloween
A Christmas classic with a twist that's perfect for Christmas morning!
DIVINE Champagne Truffle Hearts
Nothing says I love you quite like presenting handmade chocolate truffles to a loved one.
Easter Chocolate Crispy Nests
These delicious and very chocolatey biscuits are the perfect treat for you and your little Easter bunnies.
Langue de Chat
A delicious treat using summer strawberries and rich dark Divine chocolate
White Chocolate and Strawberry
The buttery notes of the caramel complement the milk and strawberries. Add the contrast of praline and you have a burst of chocolate perfect for the sun.
These spooky little treats are perfect for a night of Halloween fun and feasting .
Bundt Cake 2
I’ve pimped the traditional Bundt cake into a festive Easter Bundt Cake with a surprise filling. This is a three step recipe with small elements. But I promise you it will be worth it- a moist fudge-like centre with a surprise filling. Just make sure you save a piece for yourself!
Ballerina Skirt Meringue with Dark  Chocolate and Raspberries
Meringues come in all shapes and sizes and these are just too fabulous to resist. Dainty, light and perfect for warm summer days and cool nights these are sure to impress: shiny, glossy and with bags of character. And that’s just the chocolate. The technique used is halfway between the French and the Italian style of making a meringue with great results. Makes about: 30 mini ballerinas Prepare: 10min Rest: 1hr Bake: 1 hr
Eater Mendiants
Make this Easter treat child’s play with this hands on chocolate delight. A traditional French confection decorated with dried fruits and nuts, the whole family will enjoy decorating this simple and moreish and festive treat. Makes about: 15-20 discs Equipment: Baking mat Prepare: 30mins Set: 30mins
White Chocolate and Strawberry Ice-Cream
Summer just isn’t the same without ice-cream so transforming Divine’s Creamy White Chocolate and Strawberry bar into this delicious ice-cream is just the ticket. This No-Churn recipe is so quick and simple to make that you’ll be making this summer treat again and again. I have no doubt it will be a hit with friends and family.
Lime and Coconut Honey Comb
This recipe for honey comb is not only the perfect sweet treat, it's packed with flavour and it is wickedly simply to make!
Vegan Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Slice
This heavenly chocolate treat is not only melt-in-the-mouth delicious but it's Vegan too!
Divine Halloween Apples
When Autumn ushers in dark mornings and cold nights, it is inevitable that seasonal festivities welcomes a reprieve.
Vegan Chocolate Braided Wreath
Christmas morning, how do you start the festivities? What about with a slice of this very Christmas inspired Vegan Chocolate Braided Wreath? It's delicious and a cinch to make needing just a little technique to impress the family. You can take it easy and enjoy a guilt-free Christmas.
Divine Speckled Egg Chocolate Cake
This crowd pleasing single layer double chocolate cake is effortless and a cinch to make. It is also egg free and dairy-free - just what every Easter bunny would love. To make it vegan swap the Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs with Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs.
Lemon and Juniper macarons
These Lemon and Juniper macarons are the perfect way to enjoy the fragrant and aromatic flavours which are gently released in the soft creamy ganache. The additional chocolate layer in the crispy outer shell gives it that double hit of yumminess. It’s a match made in heaven.
Chocolatey Profiteroles with Raspberries
This classic profiterole is updated with chocolate cream and fresh raspberries making it a perfect treat for warm and sunny days.