Gregg's media career kicked off with Veg Talk on Radio 4 and he is a co-presenter of the BBC’s Masterchef series. He is the author of several cookery books – The Cook’s Year and Veg: The Greengrocer’s Cookbook. In Gregg's Favourite Puddings, the man with a famous weakness for dessert shares his all-time favourites, from traditional crumbles and fruity tarts to indulgent gateaux and delicious ices.

Gregg Wallace's posts

Divine Cherry & Chocolate Cake
Do you make cakes? Are you scared of them? You shouldn't be! Follow these instructions and, I promise you, you will become a top cook overnight.
Created by Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace, this decadent white chocolate gateau makes a beautiful addition to a tea party.
Chocolate Puddle Pudding
Try his chocolate puddle pudding which oozes molten chocolate.
Divine Chocolate Pots
Everybody should know how to make these – they are a dinner party must. They look divine and you can make them well in advance so you get more time to spend with your guests.