Linda Collister
Linda Collister is an experienced cook and baker, having trained at L’Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris and Le Cordon Bleu in London. She is the author of a number of baking books, including The Great British Book of Baking and The Great British Bake Off: How to Bake, and of two hugely popular books on chocolate -Chocolate Baking and Heavenly Chocolate. Her books have sold over 500,000 copies around the world.

Linda Collister's posts

Divine Chocolate & Rasperry Truffle Cake
A very pretty and special Cake - great to make for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.
Divine Simnel Cake
This Easter Day cake is made from a light fruit-cake mixture plus Divine dark (70%) chocolate.
Chocolate Amaretti Cake
From the leading chocolatier and chef Linda Collister, this cake is easy to make and looks so spectacular it’s perfect for any celebration or party.
Divine Christmas Pudding
A Christmas pudding with all the flavours of Christmas plus bitter chocolate from Divine and stout too! It’s fairly light though, as puddings go, and fairly easy to put together though you need to allow the fruit to soak in the alcohol overnight.
Divine Mont Blanc Roulade
The classic irresistible combination of meringue, sweetened chestnuts, cream and chocolate.
Spiced Chocolate Ice Cream
This is a rich chocolate ice cream, flavoured with oranges and cinnamon. The trick to the deep flavour is to use a bar each of Divine's Orange Milk Chocolate and Divine's Dark Chocolate. Plus cream, of course!
Divine Chocolate & Cherry Torte
Made with Divine’s 85% Dark Chocolate this is a rich but very light chocolate cake made without flour, nuts or cocoa so all you taste is wonderful chocolate! The combination of rich dark chocolate and cherries is an absolute winner. One not to be missed.
Nutty Chocolate Ice Cream (LC)
The chunkiest crunchiest Divine chilled pud. An easy rich and crunchy ice-cream that can be made without a machine.Serve with plenty of hot chocolate sauce.
Hot Chocolate Coffee Soufflé
This recipe contains lots of Fairtrade ingredients. Always a winner with guests - if you can brave trying a soufflé!
Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie Pudding
This delicious pudding can also double up as a brownie!
Fabulously Divine Brownies
Rich and fudgy brownies studded with juicy raspberries, nuts and white chocolate chunks.
Divine Chocolate Banoffee Pie
It’s hard to better the original Banoffee pie - a pastry case filled with a fudgy toffee mixture topped with bananas and whipped cream flavoured with coffee but I think this version; a chocolate shortcrust pastry layered with toffee, bananas and whipped milk chocolate cream rivals the original.
cappuccino cheesecake
Treat dad this Father’s Day to this creamy and deep flavoured cheesecake. The dark chocolate biscuit-crumb base is a fantastic contrast to the creamy coffee filling.
Wimbledon strawberries and cream recipes
This lovely cake is made with white chocolate which helps make a surprisingly light sponge; it has a filling of strawberries flavoured with orange and white chocolate- this cake is quintessentially British and the perfect cake for eating in the garden on a summer day.
chocolate week 2014
I adore lemon tart, and when I discovered a French patisserie that made a selection of fruit tarts with a layer of chocolate I couldn’t resist trying the combination. It works!
Divine Panettone
I make this at Christmas ready for those late breakfasts and brunches, when all anyone wants is a large coffee and a slice of something special to celebrate the holiday. The very fine, delicate cake-like crumb and texture of this festive Italian yeast bread is the result of several risings, so allow plenty of time. A large food mixer does all the hard work.
Chocolate Week 2015
This legendary and luxuriously rich chocolate sponge cake covered with a glossy layer of chocolate cream icing is the perfect show-stopper cake to impress any chocolate-loving guests!
Bitter Orange Souffle Glaces
Individual dark chocolate cases filled with an intensely flavoured orange mousse and frozen; these make the ideal little dessert for guests – you can prepare them ahead and they look divine! No need for an ice-cream machine or churning.