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poetry competition
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poetry competition
Divine Chocolate

Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you’re older? Would you like to follow in your parents’ footsteps?

Cocoa farming is a tough job.  It means working very hard in the hot sun, looking after the cocoa trees, then harvesting the pods, fermenting & drying the beans and packing up the sacks of cocoa to be made into your favourite bar of chocolate.

But if selling cocoa doesn’t earn you enough to feed your family, and improve your farm it’s not surprising if the next generation might not be that keen to stay in cocoa farming.

Thanks to chocolate lovers choosing Fairtrade companies like Divine, there is a new generation of children who have had access to an education their cocoa farming parents often missed out on. Many now have bigger dreams to use their education to become nurses or doctors, engineers or bank clerks.  But they can also see that, through Fairtrade, cocoa farming is becoming more fairly paid and working together as a cooperative means farmers are doing better for themselves.  So these children have choices.

Imagine having to make this decision for yourself and think about what would persuade you to take over the family cocoa farm when you grow up.

Now in its 13th year, The Divine Poetry Competition, organised in partnership with Christian Aid, provides teachers with an opportunity to explore the issues of Fairtrade in class, and gives young people a creative way to respond and articulate their ideas.  Look at how Divine works with the farmers in a fair and empowering way by clicking here.

Open to poets of all ages, there are three age groups for entries:

7-11, 12-16 and 17+

For inspiration read last years winning poems titled 'If I Met A Cocoa Famer..."


Closing date is 29th May 2015.

Win Divine Chocolate, book vouchers, t-shirts & mugs. Plus the winning poem will be read out on film by our guest judge!



Leading this year’s judging panel is children’s author and poet John Dougherty

"Good poetry is like good chocolate. You can analyse the ingredients to try to find out how it works; but it's much better to just taste and enjoy it. That's why the Divine Poetry Competition is the perfect combination, and why I'm delighted to have been asked to help judge it this year."

John is a children's author, poet and songwritter. You can find out more about John and his work on his website


Top Tips For Poets

  • Poems must be about the theme. Every year we have to reject many wonderful poems because they have not kept to the theme
  • Encourage pupils to think beyond common stereotypes of developing countries. Fairtrade is about empowerment and justice
  • This is the Divine poetry competition so make sure you mention Divine in your poem.
  • The judges will only take the poem into account. Artwork is not judged.

How to enter

Sending entries by post

If you are a teacher posting a number of entries, please fill out this form and return it along with the entries to:

Poetry Competition

Divine Chocolate

4 Gainsford Street



Sending entries by email

If you are sending your poem by email, please fill out this form and send to poetry@divinechocolate.com 


Closing date 29/05/15


Welsh language competition

For details on how to enter this years Welsh Language edition please email LSion@cymorth-cristnogol.org or click here for more information.