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Divine Chocolate and Christian Aid are delighted to announce the winners, and the runners up, of this year's Divine Poetry Competition, selected with the help of our guest judge, children's author Philip Ardagh.

And our winners are:

7-11 category

WINNER: Sophie Turner from Kent with her poem, "If I met a cocoa farmer" watch Philip Ardagh reading the winning poem here

Runners up:  Ryan Hellings (Cardiff), Elliot Farr (Anglesey) and Lottie Gunter (Bristol)

You can read the winner and runners up's poems here


12-16 category

WINNER: Daniella Cugini from Warwick with her poem, “Dream of a sweeter Accra” watch Philip Ardagh reading the winning poem here

Runner up: Abbie Richardson (Cornwall)

You can read the winner and runner up's poems here


17+ category

WINNER: Katrina Quinn from Penzance with her poem, "If", watch Philip Ardagh reading the winning poem here

Runners up: Hazel Davies (Porthcawl) and Victoria Tickle (Livingston)

You can read the winner and runners up's poems here


Welsh Language Winners:

7-11 Category:

WINNER: Dyfan Alun Humphreys,Ysgol Edern

Runner up: Beca Williams,Ysgol Llanddarog


Read the poems here


11-16 Category:

WINNER: Caspar Rolant, Ysgol Bro Myrddin

Runner up: TWm Evans,Ysgol Bro Edern


Read the poems here


The Divine Poetry Competition is organised by Divine Chocolate and Christian Aid. Together, we have been running the competition for twelve years to provide teachers with an opportunity to explore the issues of Fairtrade, and give young people a creative way to respond and articulate their ideas.  

This year’s theme “If I met a cocoa farmer” invited budding poets to think about how much they enjoy eating chocolate and then imagine what it might be like to meet a cocoa farmer from Ghana – one of the people without whose hard work you wouldn’t have your favourite treat!

Chocolate is something most of us love to share and enjoy, yet cocoa farmers around the world who work extremely hard are often paid poorly. Instead it’s usually the people selling the finished chocolate who make the big money. If cocoa farmers can’t earn enough to live on from cocoa farming then they will need to earn money in other ways – and that means no more chocolate for us! Look at how Divine works with the farmers in a fair and empowering way by clicking here.


Thank you to our guest judge Philip Ardagh for all his help not only picking our winners but promoting the competion! Read all about Philip's day at the Divine office in his guest blog