chocolate raspberry tart
Ok, so it’s not quite summer yet but the lighter days and sunshine has inspired this update on a classic raspberry tart.
Divine Beetroot Brownies
This recipe is dangerous. Sinful and completely irresistible, this brownie is so wicked that you could drown in it. Like a bad man, this is a girl’s deathbed. If it were poison, you would still be glad you’d tried it. These brownies can be served hot with vanilla ice cream. They are very rich so have just a small amount.
Divine Afternoon Tea Fancies
Time for tea! With this lovely individual tea fancies created specially for Divine by chef Alan Coxon.
chocolate week 2014
Who says a brownie (or blondie!) can’t be decadent? Lorraine Pascale has created this recipe for white chocolate blondie’s with strawberries and pistachios especially for Chocolate Week 2014. The contrast of the sweet strawberry jam and crunchy pistachios transforms this humble blondie into something quite special.
Raspberry and White Chocolate Crumb Bars
The perfect way to use those sweet and tart summer raspberries
 Victorian Spiced Hot Chocolate
Recently, I was invited to participate in a museum series that explored connections between art, food, flavours and cultures. The Leighton House Museum was home to the famous Victorian painter and his life and work supplied ample inspiration for a recipe. Chocolate during Leighton’s time would surely have been in the form of a drink. An avid traveller, he would have enjoyed the various spices from far away lands, so I’ve included star anise, cinnamon and chilli powder. Why not try this rich chocolate drink? Perfect to enjoy on a cold winter afternoon.
Pumkin White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
The ultimate autumnal treat. A seasonal favourite that ‘pump’kins up the flavour.
These spooky little treats are perfect for a night of Halloween fun and feasting .