For the Chocolate Ghoul base
  • 300g plain white flour
  • 75g Divine Cocoa Powder
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 125g cubed chilled butter
  • 125g golden syrup
  • 2 medium eggs
For the coating
  • 225g icing sugar
  • 1 medium egg white
  • 30ml water
  • 250g Black Icing paste

Makes about: 20-30 Prepare: 15min Chill: 30min Bake: 20min Extra: Ghost Cookie Cutter

Top Tip : Dip a spoon in hot water to a help the syrup come off easily


For For the Cocoa Cookies

1.    Using the bowl of a mixer, weigh out and mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder and cocoa powder.

2.    Add the cubed butter and rub together until it is a bread crumb consistency.

3.    Make a well in the middle and add the syrup and the two thirds of the egg. Using the paddle beater, combine until it just comes together in a ball.

4.    Knead the dough to firm it up, break into two balls, then flatten each down to a large disc and then cover in Clingfilm. Refrigerate for 15mins.

5.    Line three baking sheets with silicone mats (or alternative).

6.    Using a baking mat, roll out the dough and press the cutters into the chocolate dough.

7.    Carefully lift off the excess, roll into one and repeat until you have used up all the dough.

8.    Place the chocolate dough onto the trays and chill for 15 minutes.

9.    Preheat the oven to 170° Fan. Bake the biscuits for 20mins. Remove and place unto biscuit rack to cool.


For the Halloween Decoration

1.  Weigh the egg whites and add the icing sugar a spoonful at a time. Using a hand whisk, beat until you have a stiff mix.

2.    Divide the mixture into two bowls, then to one of the bowls, add water a teaspoon at a time  mixing to create a looser consistency.


For the Ready Rolled Sugar Paste

3.Roll out the paste and press out the cutter shapes.

4.    Put half a teaspoon of loose icing on the biscuit and carefully place the paste on top. Continue until all the biscuits are covered.

5.    Using a piping bag, pipe the design on to the biscuits.


The biscuits can be made in advance and stored without the icing in an airtight container for up to one month.

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