Almond Cream Bars
Drawing inspiration from the brand new Divine Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds bar, I wanted to create something for almond lovers.I think this delicious desert should fit the bill, creamy, rich and decadent.
Bucaneers Shortbread
Taking inspiration from Divine's new flavoured bar, Gloria has created The Millionaire’s more adventurous cousin which has a richer and crumblier base thanks to that extra hit of flavour and texture- the coconut.
Blackcurrant Chocolate Cupcakes
The addition of grated courgette or beetroot makes these cupcakes really moist. Created by Beverley Glock.
Richard Bertinet's Millionaire's Shortbread
Created by chef and owner of award winning cookery school The Bertinet Kitchen in Bath, Richard Bertinet's Millionaires Shortbread aren't just any Millionnaires Shortbread!
Divine Chocolate Fridge Cake
These taste rather like posh Florentines. The mix of milk and dark Divine chocolate makes for an extra special tea-time treat. Created by young chef Sam Stern.
Sam Stern's Brownies
These brownies are seriously good. Created for Divine by young chef Sam Stern, they are ideal at Christmas time but equally tempting at any time of the year.
Chocolate Brownies with Pecan Nuts
The ultimate recipe for chocolate brownies - rich, dark, moist and moreish. They are made with Divine 70% Dark Chocolate, so they taste great.
Chocolate Orange Muffins
You won't believe just how delicious these muffins taste. They're made with Divine Orange Milk Chocolate, which gives them a fabulous flavour.