Created by Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace, this decadent white chocolate gateau makes a beautiful addition to a tea party.
Divine Chocolate Pineapple Cheesecake
This delicious vegan 'cheesecake' recipe was developed by Divine Chocolateer Erik for Bourgeois Boheme, a shoe company with vegan values. It's a deliciously smooth treat that is sure to please anyone looking for a sweet tropical adventure.
Halloween Cupcakes by Lucy Parissi
Add a spooky touch to classic chocolate cupcakes this Hallowe’en with this simple chocolate cobweb top-ping. Great to make with kids and to hand out to Trick or Treaters!
Spider cake
This rich, chocolatey cake is perfect for feeding a crowd this Halloween
Milk Chocolate Cupcakes
Whether it’s for a celebration, afternoon tea or just a well-deserved treat, you can’t beat these moist and creamy milk chocolate cupcakes, created by Primrose Bakery, one of London’s favourite bakeries.
Chocolate, Olive Oil and Almond Bundt Cake
A deliciously moist cake made with rich and peppery Zaytoun extra virgin olive oil and sweet whole almonds, paired with intense Divine 70% Dark Chocolate.
Martha Collison and Divine Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate cake is a beautiful thing on its own, but Martha Collison, youngest-ever contestant on the Great British Bake Off, has a recipe that is even more delicious thanks to the addition of a thick layer of sharp passionfruit curd.
Easter Cake
This Easter I was inspired by the humble egg which plays a central role in celebrations all over the world. I created a cake that would embody some of the characteristics of an egg; something that would take pride of place on anyone’s Easter table
Chocolate Week 2015
This legendary and luxuriously rich chocolate sponge cake covered with a glossy layer of chocolate cream icing is the perfect show-stopper cake to impress any chocolate-loving guests!