Created by Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace, this decadent white chocolate gateau makes a beautiful addition to a tea party.
Chocolate Week 2015
This legendary and luxuriously rich chocolate sponge cake covered with a glossy layer of chocolate cream icing is the perfect show-stopper cake to impress any chocolate-loving guests!
Chocolate Week 2015
This decadent throwback to the 70's has been given a new lease of life with the addition of Divine chocolate. The soft flourless sponge is beautifully partnered with a delicate brandy cream filling to create a delightfully more-ish chocolate treat.
Divine Panettone
I make this at Christmas ready for those late breakfasts and brunches, when all anyone wants is a large coffee and a slice of something special to celebrate the holiday. The very fine, delicate cake-like crumb and texture of this festive Italian yeast bread is the result of several risings, so allow plenty of time. A large food mixer does all the hard work.
Wimbledon strawberries and cream recipes
This lovely cake is made with white chocolate which helps make a surprisingly light sponge; it has a filling of strawberries flavoured with orange and white chocolate- this cake is quintessentially British and the perfect cake for eating in the garden on a summer day.
National Chocolate Week 2013
If Victoria sponge is the queen of cakes, then chocolate fudge cake has to be the king! Infusing a chocolate cake with a hint of Earl Grey tea adds an aromatic ting to its fudgy excellence.
National Chocolate Week 2013
This National Chocolate Week, Sam Stern sent us this recipe for his Chilli-Chocolate Orange Cake which can be easily customised to suit tastes.
Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake
When Kavita Favelle heard that Divine had launched a new 85% Dark Chocolate bar, she immediately started thinking about recipes she could use it in.
Divine parkin
Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Parkin, it's a northern thing! It started in Yorkshire but our friends over the hill also have a version its thought it started to become popular during the Industrial Revolution when people needed cheap energy packed food. Parkin is now more closely tied to Bonfire Night. A sticky soft cake made traditionally with oatmeal, golden syrup, (lard) now butter and ginger. I have added chocolate and refined the original recipe a little.