Vegan Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Slice
This heavenly chocolate treat is not only melt-in-the-mouth delicious but it's Vegan too!
Dronning Maud Pudding
In English, this dessert translates to ‘Queen Maud Pudding’ and is a Norwegian classic. The dessert was invented when Queen Maud, the youngest daughter of the British King Edward VII, and her husband King Haakon visited Haugesund in Norway in 1906. Originally the pudding consists of layers of whipped cream and chocolate, however, here you’ve got a slightly healthier option with natural protein from Icelandic SKYR.
Henrietta's Yogurt semifreddo with Divine smooth dark with almonds and raisins
Henrietta Inman's beautiful semifreddo is the perfect cooling summer treat. For those that prefer something a little lighter than ice-cream this recipe is sure to delight as it uses yoghurt in place of the traditional ice-cream. So now you can happily indulge in that 2nd serving!
Sam Stern's Divine Ginger Triple Chocolate Tart
A must try for all chocolate lovers, Sam Stern's Divine Ginger Triple Chocolate Tarte uses milk and white chocolate alongside dark chocolate with ginger and orange to create an unforgettably Divine dessert.
White Chocolate and Strawberry Ice-Cream
Summer just isn’t the same without ice-cream so transforming Divine’s Creamy White Chocolate and Strawberry bar into this delicious ice-cream is just the ticket. This No-Churn recipe is so quick and simple to make that you’ll be making this summer treat again and again. I have no doubt it will be a hit with friends and family.
flower show pudding
I’ve paired the aromatic cordial with the sweetness of the white chocolate and strawberries to create a smooth light mousse. A delicious way to celebrate Spring.
Divine Fondant with Cherries
Chocolate fondant is a classic pudding that is cooked for just long enough for the outside to become spongy, but the inside to be runny. Adapted with permission from COOK by Richard Bertinet.
Alan Coxon's Divine Chocolate Fondant
A rich dark chocolate pudding developed for Divine by Alan Coxon.
Hot Chocolate Coffee Soufflé
This recipe contains lots of Fairtrade ingredients. Always a winner with guests - if you can brave trying a soufflé!