The combination of smooth chilled chocolate melting under the warm fruity cherry sauce is a wonderful mouth sensation of both textures and temperatures. Created for Divine by Alan Coxon.
For the Pudding
  • 250g Divine 70% Dark Chocolate
  • 1 tblsp strong Fairtrade coffee
  • 3 tbls Cognac / Brandy
  • 3 fresh free range egg (separated)
  • 25g Fairtrade caster sugar
  • 150ml whipping cream
  • 50g Fairtrade caster sugar
For the Hot Cherry Sauce
  • 75ml light red wine
  • 75ml brandy
  • 50g Fairtrade caster sugar
  • 1 small cinnamon stick
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 250g pitted fresh cherries
Cook's Tip
  • Whenever melting chocolate always take care not to overheat as this can damage your recipe, remember chocolate melts in your mouth, so any hotter is pointless!


  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler with the coffee and the brandy and remove from heat. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the 25g sugar until pale, then add to the melted chocolate mixing well.
  2. In a clean grease free bowl whisk the egg whites and gently trickle in the 50g sugar until a stiff snow is achieved.
  3. Whisk the cream to a light peak then fold the cream into the slightly cooled melted chocolate , followed by the whisked egg white folding in gently.( you will need to work fairly swiftly so the chocolate doesn’t set too firm )
  4. Pour the Divine chocolate mousse into serving glasses, place into the refrigerator and leave to chill and set for approx 30-40mins.

Method for the sauce

  1. Place the sugar into a warm frying pan and add the cherries, toss around until the sugar has started to dissolve.
  2. Add the brandy and flame.
  3. Add the red wine followed by the cinnamon stick and bring to the simmer.
  4. Dissolve the corn flour in a little red wine or water and bring to the simmer stirring until it thickens.
  5. When ready remove the pudding from the refrigerator pour over the hot cherry sauce and serve.
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