Stay Independent

Divine is a chocolate company that cherishes its independence and celebrates the freedom to make positive choices that benefit more people and make the world a better place. Join Divine in not letting the world happen to you, but shaping it by going further for the things we value.

Stay Independent Manifesto

Our Stay Independent logo features a bike made up of two Adinkra symbols - the West African motifs you can see on all our packaging. They each represent personality traits and values. These two are called Adinkrahene and Kokrobite, meaning together 'leading the way in co-operation and teamwork'. You can learn more about the Adinkra Symbols with our interactive guide.


Look out for updates on Facebook  and Twitter + we’ll be using the #StayIndependent hashtag




That’s why we think cyclists are great!  They’re making a positive choice to travel under their own steam, which is good for them, for other people, and good for the environment. Some are having fun cycling together as families, and their independence also makes them inclined to support other independent ideas, shops, and services.  We are supporting cycling communities and we think cyclists deserve a Divine treat!

Here on our STAY INDEPENDENT page we’ll be featuring news about cycling events, cafes, and initiatives, as well as celebrating the kind of independent choices you’re making, and small or independent business and shops you’re supporting. We are also helping Kuapa Kokoo, the farmer’s co-op in Ghana that owns Divine, set up their own Bike Project.  You can read about it here, and over time we’ll be reporting on how it’s going, and asking if you’d like to be involved.


Kuapa Sakrele!

Kuapa Kokoo is working with Divine to set up their own Bike Programme.  Many of the farming village societies that make up Kuapa Kokoo are very remote, or are a very long walk from local schools or towns.  Bikes can make a huge difference, allowing children to get to school faster, and farmers to get to town to shop, or trade goods.  The project aims to start small – 100 bikes in the first year – and grow. The project will also include bike-mending workshops. (Sakrele means bike in Twi)