Radio Program

Sea Salt Toffee

Ongoing sales of Divine fund investments in Kuapa's radio program. Divine's Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt bar (3.5 oz) features a special graphic highlighting our dedication to information access for cocoa farmers.
One of the benefits of joining a cooperative is access to collective knowledge. Cocoa farmers in Ghana, many of whom live remotely and are not literate, find it difficult to access information and training. In addition, for the co-operative to be fully democratic, farmers need a way to share ideas with each other. Radio is still immensely popular in Ghana. Even in remote areas radios can be found, and are a vital lifeline and source of news and entertainment.
Kuapa and Divine worked together to create Kuapa Mmere, a radio talk show and call-in program aimed at improving farmers’ access to information, information sharing, debate and conversation about important issues. In turn information sharing makes cocoa farmers better farmers and Kuapa a stronger more democratic co-operative.

How do farmers benefit from the program?

  • Farmers hear expert advice on cocoa farming techniques and how to handle issues of pests and fungus
  • Kuapa Kokoo ensures farmers understand the democratic tenets of the organization
  • Radio program reinforces member loyalty and has resulted in increases in cocoa sold to Kuapa in regions where program is broadcast
  • The program has increased member pride in their co-operative and ensures they are better informed than cocoa farmers would normally be
  • Farmers hear updates on child labor programs from government and cooperative officials
  • Farmers learn about Fairtrade standards and benefits 
  • Farmers learn about Divine - the chocolate company they own!