Our development aims are parallel to the historic roots of the fair trade movement by challenging the terms of trade and the way the chocolate industry operates. 
By owning the largest share of Divine, farmers have a seat at the table, more benefits go to smallholder farming families and communities, and they have more control over their own destinies. It’s a great  example of how businesses can do their part to contribute to improving the livelihoods of farmers who  supply the land, the labor and the knowledge that produces great food.
Delivering Fairtrade premiums to farmers is a good start to enable investment in their livelihoods. For over 15 years Divine has delivered more, contributing a percentage of its gross revenue each year into a Producer Support and Development Fund. 
From this fund we work with Kuapa Kokoo as well as other farmers’ organizations. Our Development Fund aims to increase farmer capacity and skills base and to fund programs that innovatively address the emerging needs of the co-operative.