Download our Beer and Chocolate guide by Chris O'Brien featuring selections from New York City breweries, and enter to win a Tasting Party Kit!

Divine Chocolate asked author and Beer Activist Chris O’Brien to pair our 9 favorite bars with the perfect local beers from the New York City area. Below is a guide of his carefully curated selections. Download our guide and host your own beer and chocolate tasting party. Enter to win a Beer Tasting Prize Pack including our top 8 3.5 oz chocolate bars, a $50 gift card to Whole Foods, and a copy of Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World along with a print out of our guide by telling us what city's beers we should pair our chocolate with next!



Download our New York City Pairing Guide here.



Fermenting Revolution delivers an empowering message about how individuals can change the world through the simple act of having a beer. Chris O’Brien presents the case for beer as both the cause of and solution to all of the world’s problems. Beer has contributed to the best qualities of civilization, but it is also helping to destroy them. The global beer industry relies heavily on fossil-fuels and chemical agriculture, rapidly destroying nature and contributing to climate change. Corporate beer is centralized and hierarchical, which is good for a few elites, but displaces local brewing traditions and exacerbates the growing wealth gap. But the craft brewing renaissance relies on cooperation, emphasizes local production, protects and celebrates nature, and nurtures the growth of strong and equitable communities. Read more from Chris O'Brien at