8 Divine Nights

Join Divine Chocolate and our partners Fair Trade Judaica and T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights to celebrate eight Divine nights. 

Fair Trade Judaica, and T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, are honored to partner with Divine Chocolate, supporting these cocoa farmers who are working hard to create thriving lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. As a farmer-owned company, Divine Chocolate exemplifies key Fair Trade principles - livable wages, safe working conditions, prevention of child labor, and environmental sustainability.

Happy Chanukah – What’s “Guilt Free Gelt” and a Special Prayer

a note from Fair Trade Judaica Founding Director Ilana Schatz:
Our Jewish tradition inspires us to work for economic justice, ensure that workers are treated justly, and be responsible consumers, reflecting Jewish values of dignity and respect for the people who grow and create the products we consume. These values inspired our “Guilt-free Gelt: the Chocolate of Change campaign”. Our partnership supports Fair Trade Judaica’s and Truah’s fair trade and human rights efforts in the Jewish community. 
On Chanukah, we remember the Maccabees, a small band of fighters who challenged the larger culture and won religious freedom for the Jewish people. The farmers who grow Divine Chocolate cocoa are like modern day Maccabees, courageously struggling to build decent lives for their families.  Our individual and communal purchases of Fair Trade Chanukah gelt are a tangible expression of dedicating ourselves to the Chanukah themes of liberation, identity and the freedom to express it.
We can express our gratitude for this freedom by saying this Kavannah, written by Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Berkeley, CA:
"I hold more than chocolate in my hand. This product I have purchased is a mixture of bitter and sweet flavors; the sweetness represents the dignity and respect of cocoa farmers who own their own company. As Chanukah is an eight-day reminder that light can penetrate darkness, may this experience of tasting sweet freedom, the bounty of free people's work, inspire me to add more light to the world."


Guilt Free Gelt Chanukah Song 

Sing this new "Guilt Free Gelt" song, composed specifically for Divine Chocolate's gelt, as you enjoy the Chanukah lights.  Talia Cooper, who wrote the lyrics, says, 

“For me, Chanukah is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. The candles and the flame are beautiful symbols of hope. I believe it is important that we honor families and hope everywhere by putting our money where are values are and demanding an end to modern day slave labor.”

Visit the FTJ website for the song & lyrics >>



On the Chocolate TrailBook Giveaway

In this new and updated second edition, explore the surprising Jewish and other religious connections to chocolate in this gastronomic and historical adventure through cultures, countries, centuries and convictions. Rabbi Deborah Prinz draws from her world travels on the trail of chocolate to enchant chocolate lovers of all backgrounds as she unravels religious connections in the early chocolate trade and shows how Jewish and other religious values infuse chocolate today.

With mouth-watering recipes, a glossary of chocolaty terms, tips for buying luscious, ethically produced chocolate, a list of sweet chocolate museums around the world and more, this book unwraps a range of tasty facts.



Meet the Divine Chocolate Cocoa Farmers

The cocoa farmers who co-own Divine and supply the cocoa for each Divine Chocolate coin are members of Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative in Ghana.


Chocolate-filled Sufganiah Recipe

What is better than fried dough? Chocolate and fried dough! New York City pastry chef Keyin Fulford adds a chocolate twist to the traditional recipe.


Adinkra symbols

Learn about the Adinka symbols featured on Divine Chocolate Bars

Ever wondered what all those symbols on our bars are? The cocoa farmers in Ghana, who grow the Fairtrade cocoa beans that make Divine chocolate so delicious, are proud of their Ghanaian roots and these symbols are a very important part of their history and culture.


Divine Hot Cocoa Giveaway featuring Divine Cocoa Powder

Fair Trade Hot Cocoa Recipefrom our friends at GlobeIn
1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (use cow’s milk, if desired)
1 Tbsp Divine Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1½ Tbsp semisweet chocolate chips or bar, chopped (can be dairy-free)
1 Tbsp raw sugar or ½ packet of alternative sweetener
- Heat milk in a saucepan over medium heat.
- Once milk is warm, add cocoa powder, chocolate, and sweetener. Whisk to combine.
- Continue to heat on stove until completely combined and heated to your preferred temperature.
- Taste and adjust sweetness as preferred.
- For extra flavor, add in 1/8 tsp of an extract of your choice, like peppermint or ground vanilla.


"Fun" Ways to Use Leftover Gelt

If, by any chance, you have any leftover gelt (or find some under the couch after the holiday), here are some fun and creative ways to use it:
  • S’mores – it may be past campfire weather, but it’s amazing to make s’mores in a toaster oven; the chocolate melts perfectly!
  • Hot chocolate – for a special treat, cook milk over a medium-low heat and stir in broken pieces of gelt.  Stir until melted, and enjoy!
  • Break into pieces and add to pancakes (especially good with banana pancakes)
  • Chocolate chip cookies – make your favorite version
  • Add to your favorite trail mix
  • Pair with an assortment of cheeses and fruits. The irresistible combination of salty and sweet is perfection.
  • Melt pieces and make a fondue; dip your favorite fruits for a luscious dessert