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Introducing our first ever organic line, featuring feelgood flavors like lemon, turmeric, and popped quinoa with 85% cocoa sourced from tropical São Tomé!
We paired our new Organic line with Pachamama Coffee flavors for the perfect afternoon treat.
We're proud to employ methods to ensure our product and processes are environmentally sustainable. Read on to learn more about our recyclable packaging and impact on the environment.
Read on to discover the delicate but powerful flavors of Divine Chocolate paired with Stonedance Wine.
Dr. Kristy Leissle, a researcher, author & advocate for cocoa farmers recently spent ten days in the Dominican Republic, at the invitation of Exporta Calidad (Exporting Quality, a USDA-funded program managed by the International Executive Service Corps. Learn more about her experience there and what she learned.
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'Best for the World' for two consecutive years: Divine Chocolate is among world-wide B Corps honored this year for delivering best impact for communities.
Updated design taps into growing consumer demand for transparency & impact
Chocolate + cheddar may sound strange, but it's a combo you have to try. Read on to discover your perfect match.
Amidst the debate about the environmental costs of palm oil, Divine continues to do business differently by seeking solutions with palm oil free alternatives.
Read about Konu and Elizabeth who are exemplary of how it's possible to work together to empower their community- which makes the cocoa they produce, an even sweeter product.
Brush up on your chocolate knowledge!
'Best for the World': Divine Chocolate is among world-wide B Corps honored this year for delivering best impact for communities.
In March 2017, Divine Chocolate welcomed to the United States Mercy Zaah, a cocoa farmer from Ghana who was visiting as a representative of Kuapa Kokoo, the farmers’ co-op that co-owns Divine Chocolate. Zaah spoke about how her life is directly impacted by Divine’s commitment to inclusion and giving women cocoa farmers a voice.
Milestone highlights American support for social enterprises using business as a force for good. In celebration, Divine Chocolate welcomes to the United States Mercy Zaah, a cocoa farmer from Ghana who is visiting as a representative of Kuapa Kokoo, the farmers’ co-op that co-owns Divine Chocolate.
For more than two decades, Divine Chocolate and the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Cooperative in Ghana have shared a commitment to empowering women. Together, they are helping women in cocoa farming develop the skills and confidence to grow better cocoa, build better communities—and thrive in business.
B Corp™ Certification for Divine Chocolate highlights a continued commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. .
We've got some irresistible recipes that use Divine Chocolate as one of their main ingredients. Read on to learn about baking with chocolate, to get you started on the best foot.
Plan a Divine Chocolate tasting party: Sharing your love of chocolate with other people can be fun! This downloadable guide will help you plan and host a chocolate tasting party.
Two children of cocoa farmers are visiting the UK, the global headquarters of Divine Chocolate, to teach children about Fairtrade this month.
Shade grown, hand harvested, and slow fermented cocoa gives Divine Chocolate its unique flavor. It's exceptionally smooth, indulgently rich -- and the perfect gift for every chocolate lover on your list.
Linda Berchie has been a member of Kuapa Kokoo for ten years. She is the mother of four boys, all between the ages of one and eighteen. On this Mother's Day, we celebrate Linda, the other members of Kuapa who are mothers, as well as all mothers/mother-figures worldwide!
Learning to read has changed the lives of many women in cocoa farming.
Why do beer and chocolate go so well together? One reason is that they share two fundamental flavors -- bitter and sweet. With beer the bitterness comes from hops -- this flower is one of beer's basic ingredients; and the sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the malted cereal, which is another one of the ingredients. Check out this pairing guide for some great tips on pairing chocolate with beer.
Download our Chocolate & Beer Pairing Guide by Chris O'Brien featuring selections from New York City breweries!
At Divine Chocolate, we love learning about & sharing little moments of indulgence and joy. That's why we're taking some time this month to celebrate the delightful pairing of chocolate & beer, two of life's most savored flavors.
What is your first reaction when you think about chocolate and beer? What about chocolate IN your beer? Our friends at Brooklyn-based Bitter & Esters have created three incredibly delicious recipes for you to try your hand at home brewing.
For chocolate lovers, indulging in a luxurious piece of chocolate is one of the real pleasures in life. When you find a flavor you’ve been craving, how often do you take the time to truly savor each and every bite? Using this guide, you'll experience chocolate in a way like never before.
In some of the most remote parts of rural Western Ghana, Kuapa Kokoo is piloting a program to supply bikes to young people who have long distances to travel to school.
12 farmers from Kuapa Kokoo flew to Germany to tour the factory where Divine is made.
Fifty-eight years ago Ghana won its independence - a freedom that Ghanaians still celebrate and cherish today. Kuapa Kokoo's Communications Manager Esther Owusu-Mensah describes what will be happening on the 6th March in Ghana.
Through ownership of Divine Kaupa farmers get access to latest industry and agricultural developments. This spring they visited a leading centre of cocoa research in Reading.
All Divine's Fairtrade sugar comes from Kasinthula Cane Growers Association in Malawi - so it's great to be able to catch up with Kasinthula representatives when they're here in UK and hear their news.
International Women's Day celebrates women's triumphs in achieving greater independence and equality. At Kuapa Kokoo helping women achieve independence and equal participation has long been a priority.
Kuapa Kokoo is dedicated to empowering women through income generating projects and initiatives to encourage equal participation. This feature highlights one of Kuapa Kokoo's farmers, Margret Fianko, who has been a member of the co-op for 13 years. Learn what she thinks is the best thing about being a Kuapa member and what impact it is having on her life.
Last month, Divine’s Head of Sales, Troy Pearley, went to Ghana to attend Kuapa Kokoo’s annual general meeting, meet with farmers, and witness the achievements of Kuapa Kokoo first hand. Read about his trip!
As a communication officer of Kuapa Kokoo, I shadowed the Independent National Electoral Committee (INEC) which is mandated to organise the Kuapa elections. My mission was to capture scenes and report on how the elections were proceeding.
Learn about Kuapa Kokoo farmer Mercy Zaah.
Learn more about our relationship with SERRV from their Director of Marketing, Serena Soto.
Community garden organizer Niraj Ray talks about the sustainable and local food movement.
Divine Chocolate is delighted to announce that Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union has nominated Ms Fatima Ali as Interim President of the Union after the passing of the elected President Madam Christiana Ohene-Agyare.
Whole Foods Market awards Divine Chocolate with a 2013 Supplier Award.
When it comes to the weekend or a relaxing night in, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy a bar of Divine Chocolate. There’s a whole lot more to describing chocolate than simply labelling it as white, milk or dark; bitter or sweet.
Oprah drinks Oolong, Obama starts the day with a cuppa and Lady Gaga can often be seen sporting a tea cup. Watch out coffee, tea is hot right now.
Join us as we travel city-to-city with Kuapa Kokoo farmers Christiana and Afriye to meet with partners, fair trade supporters, and chocolate lovers alike.
Erin Gorman, CEO of Divine Chocolate USA, sits with Christina Adusei, a cocoa farmer at the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana, months before her first visit to America.
Whole Story, the official Whole Foods Market Blog, tells the Divine story in their ongoing "Supplier Stories" series.
We say it a lot, but what does papapaa mean? Find out from Francis, a cocoa farmer from Kuapa Kokoo.
Meet Comfort, an inspirational woman who shares how Kuapa Kokoo empowers the women in the co-operative.
Find out why Jennifer is getting an education, thanks to Kuapa Kokoo!
Ever wondered what all those symbols on our bars are? Our special infographic will help you translate the symbols on your next bar!
A Recorder is a very important person in the fair production of Divine's cocoa - find out from Elias how he makes sure cocoa farmers in Kuapa get a fair deal!
Meet Gladys, a member of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative, who shares how Kuapa has transformed her life.
As the Brand Manager for Divine Chocolate USA, I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo for the first time.
In November, Divine Chocolate USA was thrilled to host two women leaders from Kuapa Kokoo.