Divine Chocolate Porter – home brewed for Divine Chocolate by Bitter & Esters using Divine Cocoa Powder.
Divine Chocolate has partnered with Bitter & Esters, NYC’s first do-it-yourself brewery, to introduce Divine Chocolate Home Brewing Kits for the holiday season. The perfect holiday gift for the home brew beer fan, the limited edition gift sets are available in 5 gallon Divine Chocolate Porter and Divine Chocolate Milk Porter recipe kits, and as an All-in-One Brewing Essentials Kit for Divine Chocolate Porter. These limited edition kits are available in store at Bitter & Esters as well as online at http://store.bitterandesters.com.

Divine Chocolate Porter – 5 Gal Kit ($44.95)

Divine Chocolate Porter is a roasty but refined porter with a luxurious chocolate finish. Simply Divine! This kit includes all the ingredients needed to brew a 5 gallon batch. 

Divine Chocolate Milk Porter – 5 Gal Kit ($44.95)

Divine Chocolate Milk Porter is a delicious chocolatey light porter. This kit includes all the ingredients needed to brew a 5 gallon batch.

All-in-One Brewing Essentials Kit for Divine Chocolate Porter ($99.95)

Craft your own beer with our all-in-one brew kit, which comes with all the supplies, ingredients and instructions you’ll need to successfully make one full case of beer per batch! Makes 2.5 gallons of beer or 24 12 oz bottles. 

About Bitter & Esters:

Douglas Amport and John La Polla founded Bitter & Esters, the city’s first do-it-yourself brewery, motivated by their knowledge and passion for brewing as equal parts art and science. Fueled by the desire to inspire, educate, and nurture the growing homebrew community in a friendly space, they conceived Bitter & Esters as a brew on premises location, complete with classes, and access to resources, as well as a supply store and creative hub for sharing brew tips and techniques. Bitter & Esters fosters a deep commitment to the craft of brewing, as well as the creative spirit that comes with it. Anyone can learn how, so stop by! See what you can brew. www.bitterandesters.com