Oprah drinks Oolong, Obama starts the day with a cuppa and Lady Gaga can often be seen sporting a tea cup. Watch out coffee, tea is hot right now. It’s no longer merely a choice between hot or iced, sweet or unsweetened. Loose leaf tea is rising in popularity and tea shops are popping up everywhere. A wide range of blends and varieties are more available than ever before.

You know what goes perfectly with a cup of tea?  A bar of Divine chocolate.  And while milk chocolate and black tea make great companions, don’t forget that there are dozens of flavour combinations out there to be discovered.

We asked Master tea-blender, Alex Probyn of ‘Teapod’, London, for some advice on which teas make the best companions for each of our chocolate bars.  The key is to find a balance of flavours so that the tea doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the chocolate.

But don’t take his word for it, experiment and let us know what you discover.

  • White Chocolate goes best with Earl Grey or Rooibos Grey as the citrus cuts through the richness of the chocolate
  • White Chocolate and Strawberry – the richness of the chocolate is reduced slightly by the strawberries which means that light teas such as Chamomile Blend, Jasmine or Rosebuds compliment nicely
  • Milk Chocolate is very versatile but the fresh flavour of Darjeeling or Moroccan Mint pairs up particularly well
  • Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut – the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong or Rooibos compliments the nuttiness of the chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate and Orange – the citrus flavour of the chocolate blends well with the lighter flavours of Chamomile, Chunmee or Oolong
  • Dark Chocolate 70% – Alex recommends Hibiscus tea
  • Dark Chocolate 85% – Create a bitter-sweet combination by drinking Masala Chai or Vanilla Blend
  • Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut –The fruity bitterness of the chocolate requires a strongly flavoured tea such as English Breakfast or Strong Blend
  • Dark Chocolate & Raspberry – Subtly flavoured teas such as Rosebuds, Chunmee or Oolong blend well with the fruity character of the chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate and Ginger – A light tea like Bai Hao Silver Needle won’t diminish the potency of the ginger
  • Dark Chocolate and Peppermint – the sweet spice of Masala Chai works well with the mint

So please, try out Alex’s suggestions and leave us a comment to let us know whether you agree or not. And if you discover any unusual combinations that just seem to work, tell us about it so that we can spread the word.