When she was younger, Jennifer had to leave her family and go to a school in Kumasi which was two hours away from her home, as there wasn't a school where she lived.

But thanks to Fairtrade premiums given by Kuapa, new schools have been built in Jennifer's village, which has meant she has retuned home and is now a short walk away from her school.  

Getting an education is very important to Jennifer, as she wants to become a nurse so she can look after people who are ill in her community.  

Find out more about Jennifer's story by watching this film:

Sadly many children in sub-Saharan Africa still do not have the chance of an education.  Jennifer is very grateful to have this chance and knows the important role Fairtrade plays in her community.  
She also explains how Kuapa help her family in other ways:
  “Fairtrade supports Kuapa - [it] means my father gets a bonus. And I got to go on one of the kids camps that Kuapa Kokoo organises for children of cocoa farmers.”  
For the children in Jennifer's community, Fairtrade and Kuapa have transformed their lives and given them opportunities that every child should have.