Comfort is a mother, grandmother, teacher and cocoa farmer. If that wasn't enough, she has now been elected to be the National Secretary of Kuapa and Chair of the Farmers' Union!

Comfort is grateful to Kuapa as she explains: 'I have been able to rise from the society...and now I'm on the top as the National Secretary of Kuapa Kokoo farmers.  What a great challenge to women in Kuapa!'  Find out more from Comfort on how Kuapa empowers women:

Comfort is still a farmer and teaches at her local primary school.  These are things she is passionate about, and thanks to Kuapa she can continue to do what she loves as well as help train the women in her community.

But life before Fairtrade was tough, especially for women and along with Comfort, many families struggled to survive, as she explains:

     “Before fair trade, we growers were cheated. People adjusted the scales.  We got little money from the purchasing clerks and no bonuses. The growers’ welfare was neglected and there [were] many      problems with poverty. During the lean season there is no money." 

Thankfully, Comfort heard about Kuapa and joined the co-operative.  She has never looked back since.  

One of her many memorable experiences with Kuapa has been a trip to the US for the Valentine’s Day launch of Divine Chocolate in 2006; a chance she knows would never have happened without being apart of Kuapa Kokoo.