Meet Gladys, a member of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative, who shares how a well built by Kuapa has transformed the lives of people in her village.

“At first, we had to walk about three miles to the forest before getting water to fetch. The water was not clean and we had to filter it before drinking."  

Watch the video to find out the difference the new well has made to Gladys and her community:

Not having accessible clean water can be devasting to commuities across sub-Saharan Africa.  

Across the continent, children's education suffers as many of them help their families to get water very early in the morning. By the time they finished they are usualy too late to attend school or are too tired to concentrate.  

Gathering unclean water makes people sick, and can cause death.  Gladys and her community do not have these problems now as she says:

'The water we drink is clean and we drink it we don't get sick. Other villages praise us.  They say our water is so sweet!'

Thanks to the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative, who grow the cocoa beans in Divine chocolate, this community has as much clean water as they need and everyone benefits because 'Kuapa has the farmers interests at heart.

Gladys' heartfelt thanks to Kuapa Kokoo, extends to everyone who buys Divine chocolate: the simple action of buying Divine chocolate can mean so much to Kuapa and the communities they support.  

So thank you, and remember the good stuff that Kuapa does everytime you enjoy a Divine chocolate bar!