The farmers in the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative are very proud of their cocoa beans. So proud, in fact, they call them 'papapaa' which means, 'best of the best'! Francis, a cocoa farmer from Kuapa, shows us why:

As a cocoa farmer, Francis knows only too well the hard work that goes into growing and producing cocoa beans.  Many farmers who aren't part of a co-operative or part of a Fairtrade scheme, do not get paid fairly for their cocoa and can struggle to earn enough to surivive.  

Francis decided to join Kuapa Kokoo in 1998 when his uncle, who was the first Recorder in his area, introduced him to their work. “He told me how the co-operative works and how it cares for the farmers, so I joined it.”

A Recorder is someone who has the responsibility of accurately weighing all the cocoa brought in from farmers who are part of Kuapa, checking its quality and paying the farmers promptly.  

 “Now I’m the Recorder,” he continues. “I was elected last year. The farmers like me and trust me and have faith in me. They think I’m doing a good job!”

Francis’ sons are able to go to school, thanks to Kuapa and he has hopes of a good education for both of them: “I want my sons to go on to secondary school and after that, get different jobs."   Being apart of Kuapa means families like Francis' can hope for an even brighter future ahead of them.  

But Kuapa always needs to sell more cocoa beans, as Francis explains, "in the future I hope we can sell more cocoa to Fairtrade.”  

As long as people continue to buy Divine chocolate, not only are they supporting farmers like Francis, they are getting chocolate that is 'papapaa'!