Divine staff make dipped dates in celebration of Ramadan. Check out the recipe below and watch this video about interfaith cooperation in the fair trade cocoa farming community of Bayerebon Number 3 in Ghana.

Muslims throughout the world with break Ramadan's required fasts just as the Prophet Muhammad did nearly 1,400 years ago; with dates. Chocolate covered dates are enjoyed with tea and given as gifts throughout the year. Divine staff member Lucie dressed up dates in some of her favorite toppings and chocolate in the recipe below. Whether or not you are celebrating Ramadan, this easy recipe is a great Divine treat.

Dipped Dates 3 Ways



2oz Divine 70% Dark Baking Chocolate
½ oz Divine 85% Chocolate
2oz Divine 38% Milk Baking Chocolate
2oz Divine White Chocolate
½ teaspoon Divine Cocoa Powder (optional)
1 teaspoon salt
1 pound dates
¼ cup toasted almonds 
¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes
¼ cup dry roasted pistachios


Toast the almonds and lightly in a skillet and finely chop them.  Do the same to the pistachios and set  aside along with the coconut flakes. Melt all three chocolates separately in a double boiler starting with the white and ending with the dark as the melting points vary. Dip the dates in each of the three chocolates starting with the white and ending with dark again.  Roll the white dipped dates in toasted  almonds and 85% drizzled over the top. Next roll the milk dates with roasted pistachios and cocoa powder, and finally roll the dark chocolate dipped dates in the coconut flakes. Place in the refrigerator  to cool and harden about 1 hour. Serve.


The population of Ghana is about 20% Muslim. Kuapa Kokoo, a network of over 60,000 cocoa farmers,  has members of a variety of backgrounds and religions. They all work together to support each other and their societies. Watch our short video below to learn about the fair trade cocoa farming community Bayerebon; a longstanding member of Kuapa Kokoo with a 60% Muslim population. This society is a great example of how members of Kuapa Kokoo interrelate irrespective of their religious perspective.