Mercy started cocoa farming in 1986.
Mercy Zaah was born in 1963. She comes from Krobo Odumasi in the eastern region of Ghana. She is a Christian and married to Joseph Zaah. Together they have five children.
Mercy started cocoa farming in 1986. She has a farm of 12 acres and is able to harvest on average 90 sacks of cocoa per season. She joined Kuapa Kokoo in 1999 because of ‘’ how they care for their farmers’’. Her parents had joined Kuapa Kokoo five years earlier and over those years Mercy became increasingly aware of the difference in the way her parents were treated as part of the co-operative and how that differed with her experience of selling to state cocoa buying company (PBC).
“When we sold to the PBC we didn’t get paid on time, and were sometimes cheated at the scales. Selling to the PBC there is no relationship beyond the point of purchase. There is nothing more for farmers” Joining the co-operative was good in many ways says Mercy. “From the Fairtrade 
Premium we farmers receive a bonus every year, and with it I have paid for my five children to be be educated. My eldest is now qualifying to be a nurse.”
“We have also benefitted from being given a machete every year and, in my village we now have clean drinking water from a water pipe which has made a great difference to the whole community – not just cocoa farmers.” “We women are trained,” she continues. “It’s good for women in Kuapa Kokoo. We learn skills to help us generate more income for the family, and also have a voice in decision making in the co-operative.” Mercy’s commitment and loyalty to Kuapa over the years have resulted in her colleagues electing her as the Treasurer of Adiyaa society and also as the President of the Women’s Society.
Mercy is the current vice-president of the Dadieso district - a position she was elected to in 2010. She is a very hardworking cocoa farmer who works on her farm Monday to Friday.
Her favorite food is banku (corn dough balls) and stew. She enjoys sewing in her leisure time.
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