As a communication officer of Kuapa Kokoo, I shadowed the Independent National Electoral Committee (INEC) which is mandated to organise the Kuapa elections. My mission was to capture scenes and report on how the elections were proceeding.

My mission took me to Kuapa Kokoo village societies in districts including Nkawie, Nyinahin, Goaso, Asmura, and Kasapin and this is what I witnessed during my coverage. There was the same standard procedures rolled out by the INEC in all the places. Members were briefed about the rules governing the elections, eligibility issues sorted out and the electoral officers recorded all necessary information during the event.

Aspiring candidates and members asked questions after which the aspirants were invited in front to tell the members what they would do when they are voted into office. Whilst the aspirants took turns to give out their manifestos, members sat attentively and listened to them

 At Goaso Mr Kwame Atta, vying for District President, had this to say during his manifesto. “You voted me to the position of vice president last four years but since the absence of our president over two years ago, I have acted as president since then.  With your support I was able to steer the affairs in our district, to the extent of increasing cocoa purchases every year. I therefore crave your indulgence to vote for me as the president to continue the good works and even do more for this district.”  

Young Kofi Wilson alias ‘’Kanayoo’’ vying for position of Treasurer shook the place not only with his manifesto but some oratorical skills, moving members to laugh. He was sure he had won their votes already based on the response they gave to his speech but was disappointed after the counting.

Contestants were identified with tags around their necks and voted first before members followed up with their voting. The ballots were counted with each contestant represented by his agent.

Elected executives took an oath of office and then gave their vote of thanks assuring their members they would do their best whilst in office.