Divine Chocolate & The World's Best Cheddar – a Deliciously Decadent Collaboration.
You never know until you try, and by working with Cabot Creamery Co-operative, we've discovered that the wildly different tastes of chocolate and cheese come together extraordinarily well to create a scrumptious flavor combination.
We've taken the guess work out of cheese and chocolate pairing, and trust us, it's an experience you don't want to miss. You can participate in chocolate and cheese pairings with friends and family, as an afternoon snack, or perhaps when hositng a dinner party.
These two sweet and savory foods can be enjoyed anytime and we encourage you to experiment on your own with the intricate flavors found in both cheese and chococlate. 




These are our suggestions to make the most of your tasting experience:

  • Smell both the chocolate and the cheese first before tasting.

  • We found that tasting the cheese first worked better than the reverse. 

  • We recommend a small bite of cheese and then a small bite of chocolate to start, chew some, then take another small bite of cheese.

  • Check out our recommendations for mindfulness while eating chocolate to further reap the benefits of this guide.  

Combine sweet, savory, smooth, & sharp with our favorite pairings, listed below. Enjoy!

Seriously Sharp 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries 

Seriously Sharp & Raspberry Dark Chocolates

Pairing these two tastes provides a wonderfully flavorful experience. Seriously Sharp has a sour, tangy flavor which pairs perfectly with the tartness of our 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries. The bright raspberry flavor is exactly what is needed to balance the slightly bitter notes of the cheese. 

Hot Habanero + Milk Chocolate

Habanero & Milk Chocolate

Opposites attract when pairing the furiously fiery & bold flavor of the Hot Habanero; this profile works best with our smooth Milk Chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate mellows the spiciness of the cheese, creating a pleasurable balance of flavors. It’s a truly satisfying pairing of sweet & savory.

Smoky Bacon + 85% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and Cheese

Cabot has created an ideal comfort food-- rich, smoky bacon with the World’s Best Cheddar. In order to enhance the sizzling, smoky flavor everyone loves, Smoky Bacon works best with a bar boasting a high cocoa content. Our luxuriously rich 85% Dark Chocolate fits the bill perfectly, with a dark and sweet flavor that compliments this cheese in a way you'll love. 

Monterey Jack + Milk Chocolate

Chocolate and Cheese

Have some left over Milk Chocolate but want to cool off your mouth after that Hot Habanero cheese pairing? Use Divine Milk Chocolate to pair with this smooth and nutty flavored cheese to enjoy something a bit simpler. Cabot's popular mild-mannered cheese brings out the Milk Chocolate's soft and creamy texture to create a classic combo.


Alpine Blend Dark Chocolate with Whole Almonds

Chocolate and Cheese

Cabot’s Alpine Blend has been aged to creamy, nutty perfection. Pairing this cheese with our Dark Chocolate with Whole Almonds accentuates both foods' nutty flavor profiles. When combined, the taste of this cheese and chocolate seems at once familiar and also completely unique.



Cabot Creamery Co-operative isn't only crafting delicious cheese, they're also a Certified B Corporation, meaning that like Divine, they aspire to use their business as a force for good, and have met the highest standards of verified social and environmental performace. Our freinds at Cabot Creamery are pioneers in their field, so show them some love and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more fun cheese and chocolate adventures!