We're excited to introduce a packaging refresh with newly designed 3.5 oz bars landing in stores in the first half of 2018.

The new design reflects growing consumer trends, including demand for transparency on the provenance of ingredients, caring about the nutrition of indulgent treats, sustainability, and global impact, all of which have accelerated in the last 5 years. 

During the strategy phase, we agreed it was important to retain key brand assets such as the intricate Divine Chocolate logo, accents of gold foil and bold colors, and the recognizable pattern of adinkra symbols which honors the heritage of the cocoa farmers who co-own our company. We're excited to share this new design which better communicates the information that thoughtful chocolate explorers are looking for and makes it more visibly accessible. 

Liz Miller, Senior Marketing Manager, shares the rationale behind the packaging refresh:

“Consumers are rightly becoming increasingly interested in what’s in the food they are buying, and as a trusted ethical brand we realized that we needed to communicate more effectively what goes into making our ‘seriously good chocolate’. We are already recognized for our premium brand name, our distinctive packaging, and our commitment to delicious Fairtrade chocolate. Now, we want people to more clearly recognize and remember our company is owned by the farmers who grow the cocoa. This is what makes our company truly special.” 

Refreshing the front of pack
For one, the product name is more legible. Secondly, more prominence is given to the percentage of cocoa, because our research has shown that more than half of premium chocolate shoppers look for this when choosing quality chocolate. 
Most notably, what makes Divine unique has been displayed more clearly on the front of pack: ‘Owned by Cocoa Farmers’ -- highlighted on a beautifully embossed gold foil ‘seal’ found on each and every wrapper. 
New Front Pack
Communicating ethical commitments on the back of pack
Divine Chocolate has made ethical commitments for nearly two decades but has only communicated these consistently through its marketing channels. Ethical credentials now communicated on every pack include:  
  • No palm oil or soy
  • No GMOs
  • All vegetarian with suitable choices for vegans (with a new Vegan Society certification)
  • 100% pure cocoa butter (no vegetable fat substitutes)  
  • 100% FSC certified with recyclable paper and foil
  • Certified B Corp (indicating our commitment to using business as a force for good)  
  • Highlighting our commitment to using only natural ingredients and no artificial ingredients

New Back of Pack

New inner wrapper

Inspiring chocolate lovers
The new ‘Owned by Cocoa Farmers’ seal is proudly stamped on every pack, and curious chocolate lovers can find out more about Divine Chocolate and its mission on the back of pack and inside every wrapper. 
“Consumers love discovering that the Fairtrade cocoa in our chocolate is grown by family farmers in Ghana and that they receive 44% of Divine profits,” Liz explains. “This empowers people to become a part of our story by treating themselves and others to Divine Chocolate.”