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For more than two decades, Divine Chocolate and the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Cooperative in Ghana have shared a commitment to empowering women. Together, they are helping women in cocoa farming develop the skills and confidence to grow better cocoa, build better communities—and thrive in business.
B Corp™ Certification for Divine Chocolate highlights a continued commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. .
We've got some irresistible recipes that use Divine Chocolate as one of their main ingredients. Read on to learn about baking with chocolate, to get you started on the best foot.
Plan a Divine Chocolate tasting party: Sharing your love of chocolate with other people can be fun! This downloadable guide will help you plan and host a chocolate tasting party.
Two children of cocoa farmers are visiting the UK, the global headquarters of Divine Chocolate, to teach children about Fairtrade this month.
Shade grown, hand harvested, and slow fermented cocoa gives Divine Chocolate its unique flavor. It's exceptionally smooth, indulgently rich -- and the perfect gift for every chocolate lover on your list.
Linda Berchie has been a member of Kuapa Kokoo for ten years. She is the mother of four boys, all between the ages of one and eighteen. On this Mother's Day, we celebrate Linda, the other members of Kuapa who are mothers, as well as all mothers/mother-figures worldwide!
Learning to read has changed the lives of many women in cocoa farming.
Why do beer and chocolate go so well together? One reason is that they share two fundamental flavors -- bitter and sweet. With beer the bitterness comes from hops -- this flower is one of beer's basic ingredients; and the sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the malted cereal, which is another one of the ingredients. Check out this pairing guide for some great tips on pairing chocolate with beer.
Download our Chocolate & Beer Pairing Guide by Chris O'Brien featuring selections from New York City breweries!