In celebration of the holiday baking season, we're giving away a variety set and a limited edition Divine Chocolate kitchen towel to six lucky winners.

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Linda Berchie has been a member of Kuapa Kokoo for ten years. She is the mother of four boys, all between the ages of one and eighteen. On this Mother's Day, we celebrate Linda, the other members of Kuapa who are mothers, as well as all mothers/mother-figures worldwide!
Learning to read has changed the lives of many women in cocoa farming.
Why do beer and chocolate go so well together? One reason is that they share two fundamental flavors -- bitter and sweet. With beer the bitterness comes from hops -- this flower is one of beer's basic ingredients; and the sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the malted cereal, which is another one of the ingredients. Check out this pairing guide for some great tips on pairing chocolate with beer.
Download our Chocolate & Beer Pairing Guide by Chris O'Brien featuring selections from New York City breweries!
At Divine Chocolate, we love learning about & sharing little moments of indulgence and joy. That's why we're taking some time this month to celebrate the delightful pairing of chocolate & beer, two of life's most savored flavors.
What is your first reaction when you think about chocolate and beer? What about chocolate IN your beer? Our friends at Brooklyn-based Bitter & Esters have created three incredibly delicious recipes for you to try your hand at home brewing.
For chocolate lovers, indulging in a luxurious piece of chocolate is one of the real pleasures in life. When you find a flavor you’ve been craving, how often do you take the time to truly savor each and every bite? Using this guide, you'll experience chocolate in a way like never before.
In some of the most remote parts of rural Western Ghana, Kuapa Kokoo is piloting a program to supply bikes to young people who have long distances to travel to school.
A quick internet search for "standing desk benefits" will lead you to a variety of recent articles enumerating why many office workers as of late have chosen to change the way they work, including three employees at Divine Chocolate.
12 farmers from Kuapa Kokoo flew to Germany to tour the factory where Divine is made.