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When it comes to the weekend or a relaxing night in, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy a bar of Divine Chocolate. There’s a whole lot more to describing chocolate than simply labelling it as white, milk or dark; bitter or sweet.
Oprah drinks Oolong, Obama starts the day with a cuppa and Lady Gaga can often be seen sporting a tea cup. Watch out coffee, tea is hot right now.
Kuapa Kokoo farmers Christiana and Afriye have arrived in New York City. Follow our events and enter to win a Divine gift basket and a gift card to Fairway Market.
Divine heads to Media, Pennsylvania with Kuapa Kokoo farmers Christiana and Afriye.
We are excited to welcome our farmers to Divine Chocolate USA's headquarters in Washington, DC with a giveaway for our chocolate lovers.
Join us as we travel city-to-city with Kuapa Kokoo farmers Christiana and Afriye to meet with partners, fair trade supporters, and chocolate lovers alike.
Erin Gorman, CEO of Divine Chocolate USA, sits with Christina Adusei, a cocoa farmer at the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana, months before her first visit to America.
Whole Story, the official Whole Foods Market Blog, tells the Divine story in their ongoing "Supplier Stories" series.
We say it a lot, but what does papapaa mean? Find out from Francis, a cocoa farmer from Kuapa Kokoo.
Meet Comfort, an inspirational woman who shares how Kuapa Kokoo empowers the women in the co-operative.