Linda Collister is an experienced cook and baker, having trained at L’Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris and Le Cordon Bleu in London. She is the author of a number of baking books, including The Great British Book of Baking and The Great British Bake Off: How to Bake, and of two hugely popular books on chocolate -Chocolate Baking and Heavenly Chocolate. Her books have sold over 500,000 copies around the world.

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A very pretty and special Cake - great to make for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.
This is a rich chocolate ice cream flavoured with oranges and cinnamon. The trick to the deep flavour is to use a bar each of Divine's Orange Milk Chocolate and a bar of Divine's Dark Chocolate. Plus cream, of course.
This is like a hot chocolate mousse with lots of Fairtrade ingredients, very indulgent!
A perfect spring time treat.
Rich and fudgy brownies studded with juicy raspberries, nuts, and white chocolate.