New Year's Cocktail
Before the champagne at midnight, celebrate with one of these decadent beauties. Coffee and chocolate will keep you abuzz, and the lower alcohol content of the Amaretto is always a wise choice for this (or any other) long night of revelry.
Christmas Cocktail
Before refrigeration and rapid global transit, oranges were a prized holiday gift. Luckily today oranges are in no short demand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this season like it’s 1813!
Before Henry Hudson sailed up the Hudson, before Jamestown, and before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano captained one of the earliest voyages up the coast from Cape Fear to Narragansett Bay. The fusion of New World pumpkin, chocolate and applejack is balanced by an assertive Italian amaro, for a cocktail you can be properly thankful for.
During the Día de Muertos jauntily dressed skeletons or “calaveras” are hung in homes and public spaces, and made into decorated sugar candies to decorate the altars for the dead. To celebrate the sweetness of life, try a cocktail that plays mezcal, ginger and caramelized pineapple against the slight bitterness of a cocoa rim. Recipe by Allison Hamlin, Astor Center.
Try an updated version of the classic Manhattan cocktail. Enjoy your bacon twice: once in the infused rye, and again as a salted, chocolate covered swizzle.
Divine Le Bon-Bon
Raise a glass of this sparkling wine cocktail with a cherry and chocolate twist to celebrate the season.
Divine Cocoa Smoke
A boozy play on Mexican Hot Chocolate, the earthy, roasted flavor of this artisanal spirit brings out the complexity and spices of the cocoa; the cinnamon and spice provide a nice foil to its fruitiness.
Sanderson Divintini
Back in 2003, chic west-end London hotel The Sanderson launched a unique range of chocolate cocktails made with Divine Chocolate. We have been to many tastings and can guarantee they are out of this world!
Divine Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake
One Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake, two straws: what could be more romantic?