Raise a glass of this sparkling wine cocktail with a cherry and chocolate twist!
  • ½ ounce American Fruits Sour Cherry Cordial
  • 1 oz Divine Milk Chocolate
  • Divine Cocoa Powder, for glass edge
  • 6 oz Cava, ice cold
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry*


  1. Rim glass with a paper towel moistened with a little liqueur and dip in Divine Cocoa Powder.
  2. Add ½ ounce liqueur to the glass and top with 6 ounces cava.
  3. Drop in a chocolate covered cherry.

*For chocolate-covered cherries:

Place drained brandied cherries on a sheet tray; temper milk chocolate over a double boiler until melted and then spoon chocolate over cherries and allow hardening before using in the drink.

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