Featuring our new 100% baking bar, try these savory and sweet cookies at home and share with us online using the hashtag #MakeSomethingDivine.
Love Me Cupcake
A delicious cinnamon & chocolate flavoured cupcake created for Divine by The Prohibition Bakery in New York.
White Chocolate Cookies Studded with Cranberries
Sumptuously sweet cookies balanced with the refreshing flavour of dried fruit
Divine Chocolate Chip Cookies
New York’s Cocoa Bar has come up with a Divinely delicious recipe for the classic cookie.
Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins
You won't believe just how delicious these muffins taste. They're made with Divine Orange Milk Chocolate, which gives them a fabulous flavor.
Really Rich Cupcakes
If you've never tried genuine cup cakes before, these are irresistible and sure to impress!
Saucy Pumpkin Cupcake
A saucy cupcake made with pumpkin ale and filled with a chocolate sage ganache using Divine's new Baking Bars.
Dark & Tawny Cupcake
Prohibition Bakery presents a rich chocolate cupcake with a tawny port ganache and espresso frosting.