The perfect treat for a hot summer’s day, designed by our friends at Cabot Creamery Cooperative.
The point of these wonderful puddings is that the centre is still blissfully liquid when you serve them, so don't be tempted to cook them for any longer than the stated time. They are delicious served on their own or with ice cream.
A recipe contest winner!
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate, whole fresh chestnuts, mango puree, and fresh mint sprigs go into this unusual but fantastic recipe.
This recipe is very simple to make- the secret is in watching not to over cook the brownies so they retain their fudgy stickiness.
This cake should be moist inside with a slightly firmer crust on the outside. The 70% Dark Divine Chocolate and cocoa give a wonderfully rich flavour without being too sweet. Serve with a dollop of thick cream or with the sieved juice of 4 passion fruit for a sharp, clean contrast.
The ultimate recipe for chocolate brownies - rich, dark, moist and moreish. Created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
This easy baked recipe transforms simple ingredients into a yummy fudgy chocolate flan. Created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
Rich and delicious, you'll love this wonderful chocolate cake made with Divine Cocoa Powder, filled with a double cream and melted Divine 70% Dark Chocolate mixture.