Chef Amanda Akoto won the chef cook-off at a Divine Chocolate event in Spring 2017 with this incredible recipe featuring three layers of delicious flavors: sweet whipped plantains, velvety rich chocolate mousse, and finished with a chocolate coconut bark.
A traditional, rich, dark chocolate pudding with a warm chocolate sauce by The Pudding Club Head Chef.
A wonderful combination of white, milk and dark chocolate mousses, this party piece will appeal to the chocoholic in your life! Served cold, this is delicious served with a berry compote.
This is like a hot chocolate mousse with lots of Fairtrade ingredients, very indulgent!
This is a rich chocolate ice cream flavoured with oranges and cinnamon. The trick to the deep flavour is to use a bar each of Divine's Orange Milk Chocolate and a bar of Divine's Dark Chocolate. Plus cream, of course.
Yes it really does serve ten, it is so rich! A recipe created for Divine by the queen of cakes, Mary Berry.
Try his chocolate puddle pudding which oozes molten chocolate. Created by Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace.
We asked queen of cakes Mary Berry to create a recipe for us, and this heavenly white chocolate cheesecake does not disappoint. Serve very thin slices as this cheesecake is rich – but so delicious!
This dessert requires a couple of hours’ setting time, but if, like me, you aren’t blessed with oodles of patience, put the glasses in the freezer for half an hour to speed things up.