A dairy free, gluten free, Divine recipe by Daniellan Louie of Ivy Bakery in New York City.
Wickedly dark and indulgent, this chocolate torte is heaven on a plate. Created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
A perfect spring time treat.
A traditional, rich, dark chocolate pudding with a warm chocolate sauce by The Pudding Club Head Chef.
A wonderful combination of white, milk and dark chocolate mousses, this party piece will appeal to the chocoholic in your life! Served cold, this is delicious served with a berry compote.
This is like a hot chocolate mousse with lots of Fairtrade ingredients, very indulgent!
This is a rich chocolate ice cream flavoured with oranges and cinnamon. The trick to the deep flavour is to use a bar each of Divine's Orange Milk Chocolate and a bar of Divine's Dark Chocolate. Plus cream, of course.
Yes it really does serve ten, it is so rich! A recipe created for Divine by the queen of cakes, Mary Berry.
Try his chocolate puddle pudding which oozes molten chocolate. Created by Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace.