Try this perfect summer s'more created by the winner of our #MakeSummerDivine campaign, complete with our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle bar and fresh peach slices.
A puff puff is similar to a doughnut or a French beignet. Top these Divine puff puffs with a creamy milk or dark chocolate sauce or dusting of cocoa powder for the perfect finishing touch.
Rich and fudgy brownies studded with juicy raspberries, nuts, and white chocolate.
Brownie fans will definitely fall hard for these cream cheese brownies. While most brownie recipes call for a heavy helping of butter and sugar, this particular recipe calls for cream cheese and V­anilla Bean Greek Yogurt instead.
Treat your taste buds to this healthful and delicious snack. These sweet little squares are the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter with a salty, crunchy finish.
Espresso powder and chopped hazelnuts give this delectable treat a rich, crunchy finish. Perfect for serving with coffee after dinner.
Lasagna gets infused with some Mexican flair in the form a butternut squash filling and spicy beer-chocolate mole sauce.
Breakfast gets decadent with these chocolate stout waffles smothered in chocolate-peanut butter syrup.
Pumpkin crepes are topped with cinnamon and pumpkin beer-stewed apples and a milk chocolate drizzle!