Recipe made by Daniellan Louie of Ivy Bakery in New York City in honor of London Chocolate Week 2013.
Gorgeous chocolate truffles created for Divine by British Chef Jane Milton.
There is nothing better than chocolate for breakfast - indulge in these chocolate chunk pancakes made with Cabot’s greek-style yogurt.
Created by pastry chef Teresa Ewing, these vegan truffles feature some imaginative coatings. This recipe took third place in Divine Chocolate's recipe contest.
Perfect for the holidays, make this ready for those late breakfasts and brunches, when all anyone wants is a large coffee and a slice of something special to celebrate the season.
Use a good honey with a distinct, but not overwhelming, taste to balance the slight bitterness of the cocoa and almonds in these most elegant and light sponge cakes. Look out for special non-stick or flexible shell-shaped Madeleine moulds in cooks' shops and department stores.