Lasagna gets infused with some Mexican flair in the form a butternut squash filling and spicy beer-chocolate mole sauce.
The inside secret of these truffles lies with the rum-soaked raisins in the centre. They are rolled in three coatings for a pretty effect and were created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
Fresh fruits taste fabulous dipped into melted Divine chocolate to make a delightful after-dinner treat to serve with coffee. Created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
These rich and fluffy donuts are wonderful for get-togethers and family events - top with your favorite kind of nuts.
Ivy Bakery’s take on the traditional cookie sandwich with an added Divine twist.
Easy to shop for – take your choice of Divine 70% dark or milk chocolate and get hold of some lovely sharp tasting new season satsumas.
A rich and creamy hot chocolate recipe created especially for Divine by the lovely Richard Bertinet of The Bertinet Kitchen in Bath.
Divine Dark Chocolate Tequila Shot Truffles There is nothing more Mexican than chocolate and tequila. These 70% dark chocolate tequila truffles with tequila represent the best things of Mexico in one bite.
For a real indulgence, try these rich truffles, which need only a few ingredients and are very simple to make.