peach smore
Try this perfect summer s'more created by the winner of our #MakeSummerDivine campaign, complete with our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle bar and fresh peach slices.
Dark-Chocolate Baked Doughnuts
These rich and fluffy donuts are wonderful for get-togethers and family events - top with your favorite kind of nuts.
Divine Whoopie Pie
Ivy Bakery’s take on the traditional cookie sandwich with an added Divine twist.
Chocolate Satsumas
Easy to shop for – take your choice of Divine 70% dark or milk chocolate and get hold of some lovely sharp tasting new season satsumas.
Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with Rasperry Maple Syrup
There is nothing better than chocolate for breakfast - indulge in these chocolate chunk pancakes made with Cabot’s greek-style yogurt.
Perfect for the holidays, make this ready for those late breakfasts and brunches, when all anyone wants is a large coffee and a slice of something special to celebrate the season.
Honey Chocolate Madeleines
Use a good honey with a distinct, but not overwhelming, taste to balance the slight bitterness of the cocoa and almonds in these most elegant and light sponge cakes. Look out for special non-stick or flexible shell-shaped Madeleine moulds in cooks' shops and department stores.